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GreenSock for Beginners (Part 2): GSAP’s Timeline

The aim of this second part of GreenSock for Beginners is to introduce you to GreenSock’s TimelineMax. You’ll be learning:Why you need a timeline How to include multiple tweens in a timeline How to package multiple timelines into functions and nest them inside a master timeline for greater flexibility....

Make Your Website Interactive and Fun with Velocity.js (No jQuery)

Special thanks from me go to James Hibbard and the developers behind Velocity for reviewing this article. Also to users and developers who contribute and have contributed to Velocity over the years.In this article I introduce Velocity.js, a fast and high-powered JavaScript animation engine by Julian Shapiro. By th...

Animating the DOM with Anime.js

If you’re looking for a fast and lightweight animation library, Anime.js by Julian Garnier is an option you’d like to consider.This is the first of a series of articles about tools for dynamic DOM animation, including SVG graphics. I don’t plan to include specialized canvas-WebGL animation libra...