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wpDataTables – Helping You to Easily Create Charts & Tables in WordPress

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Have you tried pushing a boulder uphill lately? Maybe not, but trying to manage massive amounts of data when there’s seemingly no end in sight can be just as disheartening.

It’s even worse when you’re working with a variety of data types. I’m talking here about categories, statistics, labels, numbers, etc.

An obvious solution is to find a plugin, or some other tool, that’s up to the task. Even after finding one, you’re still stuck with figuring out how to use it.

wpDataTables takes that data management burden off your shoulders. It does the heavy lifting needed to organize your website data into clean, crisp, interactive and intuitive tables and charts.

Best of all, you don’t have to write a single line of code; not in machine language (gasp), or any other language.

wpDataTables 2.0, and its Top New Features

Any tool that’s used by more than 12,000 individuals and companies should be seen as a success. The wpDataTables team wasn’t completely satisfied however. Having listened to what their customers wanted, they improved the plugin by adding new features, doing away with a few small bugs, and making it easier than ever to use. The result – wpDataTables 2.0.

With 2.0 you’ll save LOTS of time

The new version is not simply intuitive to use. It’s incredibly intuitive. There’s zero learning process. This has been confirmed by 81% of the customers that participated in a survey.

The plugin’s back end has been given a makeover as well. It has, in fact, been redesigned from scratch, allowing you to create complex tables in minutes, even if they have millions of rows.

2.0 gives you instant results

It’s a given, that whenever you create a table or chart, you’re eventually going to have to make changes. When you make a change to 2.0-produced chart or table, you get an instant preview of that change to check the result. Your wait time has been reduced to zero.

Instant results are particularly helpful when you need something done yesterday!

No need to be a “techy”

WpDataTables provides a perfect solution for newbies. You don’t have to know code, or have had any experience whatsoever with data management tools. If you know how to click a mouse, and perform a simple copy-paste, you’ll do fine.

Having fewer things to worry about is always a nice feeling

wpDataTables functionalities that required a little fixing have been fixed, and others have been improved, conditional formatting, advanced filtering logic, and editing logic being three examples.

There’s no need to worry about a function backfiring on you when you’re working with it.

wpDataTables 1.0’s The Most Popular Evergreen Features

While fixes and improvements were made in the design and development of 2.0, the best, most popular features of 1.0 have been retained. When users tell you they really like a feature, and it doesn’t need improving, it’s often best to leave it alone.

You can work with and adapt ANY data you want

wpDataTables isn’t fussy about formats You can work with Excel files, Google spreadsheets, JSON, XML. CSV tiles – you name it. You can also generate tables directly from MySQL, if it’s real-time data you’re after.

You’ll get a responsive table or chart – any time, all the time

Whether it’s a small chart or a million-row table, you can be assured it will be responsive on any WordPress theme. Do you need a super-cool visualization chart using Highcharts or Google Charts? Not a problem.

You can organize a huge amount of data

This plugin’s high computational power, together with conditional formatting allows it to calculate sums and totals on the fly, and highlight number based on conditions you set.

It works in much the same way Excel does, only it’s both more powerful and more efficient.

Working with MySQL

As you work from its intuitive dashboard, wpDataTables will accept and work with any information you feed it. Using the Table Constructor, you can automatically generate SQL queries to existing tables, import existing spreadsheet files, or create MySQL files, all from the dashboard, and all editable within WordPress.

Instant data processing is a given

Put wpDataTables to work on a super-huge amount of data, and it can arrange and list the data in seconds. This is due in large part to using the MySQL engine, with some assistance from Ajax requests, to efficiently and effectively manage massive amounts of data.

wpDataTables spares you all the hard work by delegating data processing functionality to the MySQL engine and fetching data from the server via background Ajax request.

Wrapping it Up

wpDataTables is a lifesaver especially in situations that stretch your technical abilities.

Instead of spending hours beating your head against the wall, let this plugin do everything for you. A hero’s welcome, and a possible promotion await.

Financial or operational statistics, large product or service catalogs typically take hours to do. I don’t even want to start talking about complex analysis and comparisons.

Now, you can count the time spent in doing these tasks in minutes, or even seconds, and flawless results are your reward.

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