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wpDataTables – A WordPress Superhero in Your Time of Need

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One task. Too little time left. The one battle you haven’t won before. And the client wants it today. The rules of the game: huge amounts of data, responsive tables, works with any WordPress theme. “Let’s find something that is like Excel, but responsive. And fast. And interactive“.

You keep hearing the client’s voice in your head. And you can’t fight the task away with your level one coding skills. But wait. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No. It’s the number one tables and charts creator WordPress Plugin.

You need the strongest, most versatile tools to deliver quality. The wpDataTables plugin solves most of the issues that you may encounter when creating tables and charts in WordPress – it’s like a superhero appearing in a time of need.

What are the wpDataTables Superpowers?

Top 7 Marvel movies at the US Box Office, chart generated in WordPress with wpDataTables.

You might fight a pretentious client. Or win your own battles – handling MySQL requires hours and hours of reading, solution-making and some kind of native technical understanding. Or just bug fixing your CSS code when working with an inferior plugin.

And talking to the support guy. And re-testing. Tables and Charts in WordPress have never been easier to use, generate and inline edit directly from the front-end. Even really, really big ones.


Like every shape-shifting hero worth their salt, this plugin will adapt to information from the format of your choice, whether it is Google spreadsheets, Excel files, CSV files, JSON, XML, or even serialized PHP arrays.

On top of that, you can use it to generate tables directly from MySQL, providing real-time data.

Chart Portal Creation

This wpDataTables feature can create wormholes or spatial portals, just as your sci-fi superheroes can do in an instant. Sure, they will not work in space, but they’ll be responsive, in any WordPress theme – and we’re putting our money on the fact that that helps you more.

wpDataTables bends information into place, and creates super-cool visualization charts using Google Charts and Highcharts.

Super Brain Power

As in high computation power and conditional formatting. wpDataTables will calculate the sums and totals of a table on the fly. And it will also highlight any numbers based on the conditions that you will set. Similar to what Excel does.

See how this cool feature works here.

X-Ray Vision

In an intuitive dashboard, wpDataTables takes that to a new level with its ability to see through information and use it.

With Table Constructor it can either auto-generate SQL queries to the tables that you already have, import your existing spreadsheet files or even create MySQL tables completely from the dashboard – and these tables can be editable directly from within WordPress.

Super Strength

As in huge amounts of data, listed and arranged in a matter of seconds. A new definition of a data manager’s strength is created by joining forces with the MySQL engine to handle super-huge amounts of data, with some assistance from Ajax requests to help with filtering, sorting, etc.

wpDataTables can generate tables with huge amount of data – 1,600,000 entries in this example.

Data processing is delegated to the MySQL engine, and data is fetched from the server by an Ajax request running in the background. Muscles & brains.

The table below was generated with WpDataTable, and it shows the top 10 Marvel movies performers at the box office.

This table can be printed, or downloaded into a PDF, Excel or CSV file with only one click. Cool, right?

How is Your Superhero Plugin Best Put to Use?

In a host of applications, including:

  • Financial or operational statistics.
  • Large product or service catalogs.
  • Complex analysis and comparisons.

In other words, in those types of websites that can test your technical capabilities to the limit. The nice thing about wpDataTable is that it has a knack for making the near impossible easy.

Back to the Real World…

Over 85% of wpDataTable clients uses its advanced filter capabilities, and 75% of them have used the feature of visualizing MySQL data. 33% of these client’s report using the frontend editing feature for MySQL tables, visualizing data from Excel files, and using the built-in MySQL query generator tool.

As far as user-friendliness is concerned, 8 out of 10 clients say that wpDataTables is intuitive and easy to use.

Another cool table generated with WpDataTable – Upcoming Marvel movies and their release date.

The Short Story

The main benefit of the wpDataTables is that it works with any WordPress Theme, it creates a responsive table in WordPress in a matter of minutes, and using it requires no coding.

And its front-end editor is intuitive and it works inline. It can generate tables directly from MySQL, that deliver real-time data, it can generate data really fast, even if there are huge amounts of lines and information, and it has advanced filtering features.

Small details really count in winning up time working with complex data. And if this helps the user, we then know we’re talking about a plugin with superpowers.

For example, besides the high level of interaction (arranging the info that you’re analyzing) you can print the tables (directly from the WordPress article), or save it in several formats, such as PDF, Excel or CSV.

Check out a real demo here and see how wpDataTables can help you generate tables and charts in WordPress.

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