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WordPress Multisite Tutorial: Multiple Blogs on a Single Installation

One of the most fascinating WordPress features is its multisite functionality. While in the past multiple WordPress websites required multiple installations, today you only need one with multisite. All it needs are multiple websites that use either subdomains or subdirectories of one domain. If you have different domains, you can’t use the WordPress network function without further ado – you’ll need an additional plugin. This article shows how easy it is to create multisites and configure them perfectly. 1. What Is a Multisite and How Does It Work? A multisite summarizes multiple WordPress installations to only one, provided that you use subdomains or subdirectories. To show you what I mean: A subdomain looks like this: A subdirectory, however, would look like this: We have these two possibilities when we want to use a multisite. The big advantage is that all websites can be organized via one installation. So, you only need one admin interface for all websites which comes in pretty handy because you need to log in only once to install plugins, updates, etc. for all sites. The result is an enormously reduced administrative expense. 2. Subdomains or Subdirectories – What Should I Choose? First of all, […]