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Why Pre-built Websites are fast Becoming Game Changers

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The use of pre-built websites has many advantages when compared against traditional methods of website creation. Wireframing, outsourcing, and online website building softwareall have their pros and cons, but a pre-built website approachoffers the best of all worlds.

  • Wireframing is a popular design approach. It can however be time consuming.
  • Outsourcing tends to be the most expensive approach; especially so when design changes are necessary.
  • Online website builders vary in quality, and the subscription plans offered are not always cost effective.
  • The use of the pre-built websites method enable a project to get off to a rapid start and be completed more quickly than the other approaches. Website complexity is rarely a problem, and coding is usually unnecessary.
  • The Pre-Built Website approach is generally the most affordable.

The advantages of using this method outweigh any disadvantages by a large margin, making this approach a potential game changer.

A Few Examples of Pre-Built Websites













See how easy it is to install and edit a Be Theme Pre-built website

 Installing a pre-built website like those shown here is a simple task. With BeTheme, it takes but 1 click to do so. There are 155+ pre-built, customizable websitesto choose fromincluding multiple page pre-built websites. Editing is fast and easy, which makes it possible to complete a website in a remarkably short time.

The video illustrates how quick and easy the process is, and how rapidly you can create website pages using Muffin Builder 3. While the activity shown in the video may seem fast and furious, with a little practice you can create a website nearly as quickly. At the very least, you can work at the fastest pace you are comfortable with, and turn out a finished product in a matter of hours instead of days.

Page building is much faster than was ever possible with wireframing, complex websites do not pose a problem, no coding is necessary, and you don’t have to outsource any part of your project. Since you own the license, there are no subscription plans to sort through or subscription fees to be paid.

It’s a winning situation in all respects. All that is required of you is to have an idea of what you want, give BeTheme and Muffin Builder 3 click-at-a-time instructions, and let the software do the work.

A Quick Overview of Be Theme

BeTheme is the biggest WordPress theme ever. It is built around40 powerful core features.Its 155+ pre-built websitesmakeBe a potential website-building game changer. All the popular topical themes are covered, and 8 new pre-built websites are released every month. The number of copies sold exceeds 23,000, makingBe the biggest; no matter how you define it.


  • If you want to build a website from scratch, the tools you need are there, including the new and improved Muffin Builder 3with its streamlined interface and new navigation and search capabilities.
  • If you are a Visual Composer user, you can still use it, or switch between VC and Muffin Builder.
  • No coding skills are necessary. Be does it all for you.
  • You can create amazing web pages even easier and faster with the Shortcode Generator and a choice of more than 200 available shortcodes.
  • Pre-built websites are included that make creating consumer-friendly eCommerce sites straightforward and nearly effortless, and the WooCommerceplugin can be installed in less than a minute.
  • The 20 Customizable Header Styles, 5 Base Grid Layouts, and 1-6 Column Support, coupled with theLayouts Configurator enable you to create an unlimited number of unique pages.
  • BeTheme is WPML, RTL, and SEO ready. It is always kept up to date, new features are constantly being added, and you will always be notified when updates are available, or have them automatically installed.


BeTheme is a powerful toolkit. You canchoose to build a website from scratch, or begin your project by installing a pre-built website. Either way, you’ll always be a step ahead of the game when it comes to delivering an attention-grabbing website on schedule.

What Be’s Customers have to Say

 There are many reasons for our customer’s satisfaction, including the quality of the package a whole, the flexibility it offers,its core features, and the fact that users are always kept up to date. The pre-built websites in combination with Muffin Builder 3 and core features such as the Layout Configurator have much to do with Be’s flexibility. As you can see from these examples, their customers are a happy lot. They intend to keep it that way.





There is Customer Support, and there is Superior Customer Support

 There is the standard type of customer support, and that which takes whatever extra steps are necessary to help a customer out, and our support team takes the latter approach. Our support team is always ready to provide customers with the exact information needed to answer a question or resolve an issue. They are professionals, and they treat their customers as professionals, and with courtesy and respect. They will never refer you to an FAQ page. Responses are alwaysin detail and to the point.




After reading about Be Theme and viewing the video, you should begin to see why ourpre-built websites are potential game changers. With these tools at your disposal, you will find yourself performing more work, and higher quality work, in less time than ever. We strongly recommend visiting our website, where you can view the 155+ pre-built websites, study Be’s core features in detail, and sample their free demos.



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