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Who Invented the Design of the Eighties?

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I grew up in the eighties. Back then, I loved the typical 80ies design. Today, I have a more differentiated opinion on that.

On behalf of Vox, Dion Bell has looked into the question who had a significant influence on the design of the decade with the best music ever. In contrast to other decades, in the eighties, there actually was a single modern Italian studio that has shaped the entire decade.

(Photo: Dennis Zanone)


The Memphis Group From Italy Defined the Look of the Eighties

Said studio is the Milan-based studio “The Memphis Group,” and you’ll definitely recognize their style if you have been alive and aware of your surroundings back then. The Memphis Group was able to draw attention towards them from 1981 to 1987. In a fashion similar to Colani, the Italians dared to touch virtually any product. Their designs didn’t always meet the taste of the masses. Especially their furniture collection was more of a collector’s piece than a product for the mass market.

The following video displays the era of the Memphis Group and is sure to rekindle tons of memories of the good old days. Take these six minutes for nostalgic feelings, and learn something along the way.

P.S.: Although I grew up in the eighties, I have never heard of the Memphis Group before. So don’t fret if you feel the same way.

(Image Source for the Article Image: The Memphis Group)