What is SparkPost?

I’ve used Mandrill for as long as I can remember. It sends transactional email, like the kind you receive when you sign up for a new account. Like me, many have been happy to use a free account for sending a relatively low number of emails a month.

Mail flying off

That is, until recently, when Mandrill caused a bit of a stir. The heart of the matter is that Mandrill removed their free tier. Anybody wishing to send mail through Mandrill now requires a paid-for MailChimp account.

Perhaps they grew tired of making no money for sending lots of emails. Whatever the reason, many folks were surprised, and some even angry at the move. It’s akin to a popular open source library suddenly going closed-source.

What is SparkPost?

Mindful that people are looking for alternatives (to power their personal newsletters or whatever), I spoke to Aydrian Howard. Aydrian is the Developer Advocate at SparkPost, whom I met at FluentConf. We talked for a bit about SparkPost and what makes it different from MailChimp…

1. What are your thoughts on the recent MailChimp/Mandrill news?

We have a lot of respect for MailChimp and think they are a great company. We understand when they say that transactional email isn’t the business they’re in. Thanks to our great relationship with MailChimp, they are recommending us as a Mandrill replacement.

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