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WebDev: How to Grunt and Gulp Your Way to Workflow Automation

When you are new to front-end development and start mastering HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, the obvious next step is to put your hands on tools that most developers use to stay sane in this complex space. You too deserve to have more flexibility and features while writing your CSS sheets by using less. You too deserve to optimize bandwidth by minifying your JS code. You too deserve to be able to automatically check that your JS code is good using JSHint. You deserve all this good stuff. So you start to use all these great tools by hand; running more and more command lines manually. Sometimes, you forget to run the less compiler… Sometimes you forget to run JSHint and a bug is shipped… And suddenly you find yourself wondering: is there any solution to automate all these tools? How can you create a repeatable workflow to prevent you from doing mistakes? Obviously a solution exists, and two tools in particular are waiting for you to get started: Grunt and Gulp. As a newbie using these tools, you are wondering how they work and which one to use, aren’t you? Well perfect then, you are reading the right article! The […]