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User Experience Design: How to Do it Right

Category: design, UI/UX

We know that the customer is always right. However, this motto is often neglected costing website operators a lot of money that could have been better spent. No matter what industry your company is in, the customer should come first in each marketing strategy. You can optimize your sales only with satisfied clients. But customer satisfaction is very fragile, especially in the digital world; your competitors are only one click away. This requires a stronger focus not only, but especially on customer satisfaction and service. The same applies to online shops and any other web-based businesses. Not only products, processes, etc. have to be optimized, but also the user experience design. We’ll tell you what is meant by that and how to do it… What is User Experience Design? The concept of user experience design focuses on the interaction between the website and the customer ensuring a fast and pleasant process. The success of a website largely depends on user experience (UX) design, which is not surprising really. Only if customers have a good experience with a website, they’ll develop the confidence to take the next step. The User Experience ISO 9241-210 The term user experience is defined in ISO […]