useful magento features

There are a lot of magento features in itself that actually define the benefits of Magento framework in term of eCommerce websites. These features will help us to create and manage a successful online e-store. Magento framework allow us to use different payment methods and shipping methods that can be use internationally. Magento also provide a high security using SSL certificate.

magento features

magento features

  • Marketing Promotions and Tools:   Magento provide a useful Marketing Promotions and Tools coupons, discounts and different promotion options.
  • Site Management:  Magento also provides the site management control of different  web sites with  multiple languages. It also allow us to manage  tax rate with support for US and International markets and  customizable GUI using templates.
  • International Support: Magento supports  multiple languages and different currencies, list of allowed countries for registration, purchasing , localization and shipping.
  • Search Engine Optimization:  It also provide a useful SEO optimization features that allow magento application Search Engine Friendly. Magento also give the  Google SiteMap support.
  • Checkout:  Magento also give us one page checkout with full support of SSL. It also give us the feature to  checkout without having an account.
  • Shipping: Magento provide us to manage  shipping to multiple addresses with flat rating shipping. It give us  supports of different shipping methods like  UPS, UPS XML (account rates), FedEx (account rates), USPS and DHL.
  • Payment:  Magento allow us to integrate different  payment methods like  credit cards,, money orders, PayPal, Google Checkout and checks. AND it is very easy to integrate with them in website.
  • Order Management: Magento allow us to  create orders through admin area. We can create multiple invoices for  shipments. We can also credit memos, call center order creation option.
  • Customer Service: One of the most useful feautre of magento is customer service that enhanced features for customers’ accounts. It give us the Contact Us form and also comprehensive order tracking. Magento also provide us to handle with the order  history and   customizable order e-mails.
  • Customer Accounts: Magento also handle the customer accounts. It also allow us to manage   history, e-mail , RSS feeds and order status for products in the wishlist, newsletter subscription, default billing and shipping address.
  • Catalog Management:  Magento allow us to integrate  batch import , export of products ,inventory management, different tax rates per location, additional product attributes.
  • Catalog Browsing:  Mangeto also manage  the catalog browsing. You can  easy navigation, advanced product filtering system and  product comparison.
  • Product Browsing: Using magento you can easily create product with  multiple images and  options for extensive reviews, wishlists and a lot of other features.
  • Analytics and Reporting: You can easily manage the analytics and reprting using magento. Google Analytics and offers many different reports

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