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Three Technical SEO Basics You Should Keep in Mind

A good Google ranking is essential for the success of a website. In the past years, we’ve witnessed continuous updates in the Google algorithm that brought several SEO changes. Three technical requirements for websites have emerged since the “Hummingbird” update you should take into consideration. These technical SEO basics are easy to realize and can boost your ranking. 1. Avoid Duplicate Content Here’s the good news: Google doesn’t penalize duplicate content anymore as long as it wasn’t created on purpose. However, deliberately created duplicate content is still penalized. According to the Google Webmaster Guidelines, Duplicate content on a site is not grounds for action on that site unless it appears that the intent of the duplicate content is to be deceptive and manipulate search engine results. If your site suffers from duplicate content issues, and you don’t follow the advice listed above, we do a good job of choosing a version of the content to show in our search results. – Google Webmaster Guidelines You don’t have to worry about unintentional duplicate content; it won’t carry a penalty. It can, however, affect your website in the Google’s search results. Therefore, try to avoid duplicate content. Internal and External Duplicate Content […]