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This WordPress Theme Follows the Design Trends of 2018 Sponsored

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Some design trends are short-term fads. Others remain popular for quite some time. Either way, web designers ignore them at their peril. It becomes a matter of keeping up with the latest trends or risk losing out to the competition.

Keeping up with these trends can involve time and effort. Designers would much rather devote this time to their actual design work.

You can’t for example simply add smoke or a metallic shine to your pages because it’s recommended that you do so. You have to work to make a trend work for you, and that takes practice.

The good news is there’s a WordPress theme that keeps abreast of the latest trends. It also incorporates the elements of those trends into its library. The library has more than 330 pre-built websites.

Check out these stunning examples to see for yourself the 8 latest trends have been put to work.

What the Latest Design Trends Can Do for You

Design Trend #1: Illustration & Graphic Art

Custom illustration and graphic art are always popular. Vintage watercolors, like those in the following two examples, is a sub-trend. It is really catching on.



These illustrations bring a somewhat nostalgic look or a reminder of good times to the table. This may be a reason for the popularity of this trend. The use of bold fonts fits in nicely too. It does so by attracting attention without detracting from the images.

Design Trend #2: Light, Shadow & Smoke

Designers play around with light and shadow to get special effects. Sometimes they are subtle ones and sometimes they are more dynamic. Adding smoke to the mix can produce some truly incredible results.

Smoke can create a range of emotions.


It can also be used to make a dynamic statement -;


Or dynamism and emotion in combination with a sultry look


Design Trend #3: Gradients aka Color Transitions

It wasn’t all that long ago that bold colors were the hot new trend. Color transitions and gradients are even hotter. They can be used in a wide variety of situations, including with bold and pastel colors. Try incorporating gradients with still life portraits or minimalist geometry. You should experience some rewarding results.



Design Trend #4: 3D “Moving” Stills

3D “Moving” stills may not be the easiest subjects to create or work with. But the effects they produce could be described as mesmerizing. An illusion of motion has an engaging quality that often surpasses that of animation.

The illusion of flow for example -;


Or of “blossoming” and growth


This trend lends itself to experimenting with different textures. Do not forget about the light and shadow (and smoke), gradients and color transitions.

Design Trend #5: 2018 Still Life

Still life is always popular. The latest trend in this direction involves 3D images or photographs.


These two examples exhibit an excellent use of white space:



Design Trend #6: Metallic Shine

A reason for this trend’s popularity is that it can be applied in multiple ways. Metallic shine may be prevalent across an entire page. It can be applied to specific design elements or element types, including typography. Metallic shine’s popularity becomes obvious nowadays. It does so in practice across multiple industry sectors and business niches.



Design Trend #7: Chaotic Typography

We’ve been conditioned to always keep letters in a straight line. That’s perfectly normal for most situations. But that “rule” or convention can serve as a straightjacket for creatives. Many if not most creative design endeavors rely on a certain degree of chaos. Typography is no exception.



Make sure to keep UX in mind. Don’t make your users have to think too hard to understand your message.

Design Trend #8: Brutalism is Back

Brutalism is the opposite of soft or romantic. This in-your-face design approach is bold, simplistic, and crystal-clear. If that’s what you want, this trend is for you. Brutalism can be a great choice for some sites or pages, but it can also be a not-so-great choice for others. Apply it with caution.


Summary & Conclusion

Familiarize yourself with these 8 popular trends to stay a step ahead of the competition. Take note of what is by far the easiest way to do so and apply them.

  • Get creative with custom graphic art and illustrations
  • Surprise yourself, your clients, and your users by adding smoke to a mix of light and shadows
  • Apply gradients or color transitions to your favorite trends
  • Make good use of “moving stills”; they are often more effective than animation
  • Create 3D still life with clever photography and plenty of white space
  • Add metallic elements (and a touch of glamour) to your designs when possible
  • Use brutalism when you need to convey a crystal-clear message
  • Make it easy on yourself. Use BeTheme’s pre-built websites for ALL 8 trends

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