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TheHungryJPEG: Everything a Designer Desires

High-quality fonts, complex icons, expressive photos – that’s what graphic and web designers are constantly looking for. A large array of different creative assets for prices between decent and almost for free is offered by a service with the unique name TheHungryJPEG. The supply of the portal founded in 2014 is steadily increasing. Thanks to plenty of freebies and monthly changing one-dollar deals, visiting the website on a regular basis is entirely worthwhile.


High-Quality Design for Low Prices

The aim of TheHungryJPEG has always been providing high-quality resources at affordable prices. Apparently, its creators are highly successful and prove to show that there is a rather large niche for TheHungryJPEG between free and overpriced products.

Of course, the designers that sell or offer their creative products like fonts, themes, and templates for free are a key factor in the website’s success. That’s why the creators of TheHungryJPEG offer them the necessary space to present themselves. As a registered user, you can follow or contact designers directly within the portal.

Versatile Supply of Add-ons and Fonts

TheHungryJPEG aims to be the full-range supplier for creative workers, which becomes evident when looking at the supply’s bandwidth. Under “Add-ons”, you’ll find brush settings for Photoshop as well as presets for Lightroom, which can be used to create very unique moods. For seven dollars, you can paint like with watercolor in Photoshop – only without the water and the color and …

Watercolour Brushes & Backgrounds”

The font supply alone is impressive. By now, it has increased to multiple hundreds. Alongside well-constructed fonts for daily use – ranging from modern to classic serif fonts – you’ll also find plenty of unique fonts suitable to present posters, logos, and other assets.

„Humble Rought“

Thanks to the clean categorization, you’ll always find a number of fitting products to choose from. However, going through the pages, and getting inspiration here and there is also worth it. The “Humble Rought” is a modern-looking vintage font with a unique look that you can get for 15 Dollars.

Don’t Do Everything Yourself: Icons, Mockups, and UI Elements

Creative people tend to prefer doing everything themselves. However, that’s neither necessary nor does it make sense, at least most of the times not. Especially when it comes to icons, there are very solid sets on a variety of topics in different styles. You’ll also find these at TheHungryJPEG.

1005 Vector Icons Pack”

More than 1,000 icons for seven dollars? The world’s flags for five dollars? Creative people know about the effort put into projects like these. And knowing that, these offers are more than affordable.

Display Screen Mockup Pack”

Alongside icons, mockups of electronic devices or working spaces are commonly used and very popular resources. The same applies to standard elements of user interfaces. There are also plenty of offers for small money available. For ten dollars, you’ll receive premium Apple devices – at least in the form of a Photoshop file. You could use these to present your own screen designs in an adequate Apple environment, for example.

TheHungryJPEG: Photo Service Included

As the name suggests and to round off TheHungryJPEG’s supply, there are plenty of JPEGs. You can say that the website comes with its own little stock photo service. High-resolution and high-quality photos from and about all life circumstances can be found there.

Horse – Close up”

Nutrition, business, leisure, people – these are some of the photos categories to explore. The amount of images is nowhere near as big as that of other competitors such as e.g. Fotolia. However, you can be sure that the originators will earn much more off of their sales.

If You Want Something “Off the Rack”

Finished designs are also part of the things that TheHungryJPEG supplies. This includes flyers and brochures that are provided as an InDesign file, for example.

Modern Trifold Brochure”

Of course, this also includes logos. If you need a ready-made logo, you’ll find more than just one – for example as an Illustrator file for further edits.

You can also get key-ready website templates from TheHungryJPEG’s arsenal. Among other things, there’s a category with WordPress themes. An excellent selection of themes that are suited for both discrete portfolio websites and stylish web layouts is available to you for prices between 15 and 60 dollars.

Fair Prices, Fair Shares

Besides the extensive and high-quality supply and the affordable prices, there’s another significant advantage that TheHungryJPEG has over its larger competitors. This is the participation of the originators. At TheHungryJPEG, they receive 70 percent of the sales revenues.

In contrast to Fotolia and others the vendors decide on the price themselves. This is why the prices are not uniform but very different from each other. Prices are not decided by potentially objective quality criteria but determined by the subjective appreciation of the own work by the respective photographer or designer.

Shop of “Favete Art”

TheHungryJPEG also doesn’t demand the vendors to offer their products exclusively on their platform. Just another thing that makes the people from Cirencester near London, from where the portal operates, very sympathetic.

Expressive Descriptions and a Simple License

A meaningful description is part of most offers. As every vendor creates the description for their own product, they can vary in length a lot. Nonetheless, you’ll receive all the essential information in one overview. For fonts, the given information includes the amount of cuts, as well as information on the character set.

Additionally, every offer comes with the necessary information regarding file format and other technical data, like the resolution of images.

Last but not least, TheHungryJPEG scores with a simple and clear license. This license gives you as much freedom as possible. You have the right to use all purchased resources for both private and commercial purposes. Reselling and sublicensing are not allowed. That doesn’t surprise us and is understandable.

Freebies and Deals at TheHungryJPEG

If TheHungryJPEG’s supply is not enough of a bargain for you already, you should at the latest find what you like when looking at the freebies. Alongside free offers, mainly fonts, but also mockups and images, there are regularly changing one-dollar deals.

Current Deals

The deals are available for one month. With these, you can save a lot. These deals come with the same license conditions as all other offers. Thus, even products for small amounts of money will allow you to be used commercially.


TheHungryJPEG is a very sympathetic provider in all aspects. There are plenty of offers which are complex, yet affordable. The prices might vary as they are determined by the designers themselves. But all in all, there’s nothing to complain about.

Thanks to the deals and freebies, a visit is always worthwhile, even when you don’t plan on buying anything. Payment can be done via credit card or PayPal. And if you want to offer your own designs on there, simply open up a shop with TheHungryJPEG.