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The PHP Channel’s Survey Results and 2016 Plans

On the last day of 2015, we published a survey asking you, the readers, for an opinion about the PHP channel. It was a pretty open survey with mostly freeform answers allowed, so you could tell us literally anything. All in all, we collected 78 responses so far (the survey will remain open indefinitely, in case someone wants to give us more feedback).

On the average satisfaction scale, we scored 7.42 out of 10, and that’s without excluding the potential trolls who voted 1. That’s a very good result, but we’re determined to improve it further.

Average happiness

Of the people who provided written feedback, most desired either more in-depth and advanced content and / or more posts per month. Some complained about a lot of “useless product placement” which, I assume, means ads since we don’t do sponsored posts often.

Now, we’d love to publish more often – we’ve got the queue for it. Heck, our authors are working around the clock to produce awesome stuff. But we have a limited budget, and we have to make this budget work with the amount of content coming in – remember, every post we publish is paid! So ads are a necessity – we use them to pay our authors for the hard work they put in.

Regarding more content and more advanced topics – I read you loud and clear. We’ll start commissioning more of such content in the future – we’ll do our best to publish full “from scratch” guides that cover a topic well, and we’ll try to tackle some advanced, specific topics. Additionally, based on another reader’s feedback, we’ll start including lists for further reading at the bottom of the posts – for those enthralled by the topic.

If you have other suggestions, please drop them in the comments below!

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