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The Future of Aurelia — Roadmap and Upcoming Features

Open source is a fundamental part of what we’re doing with Aurelia. The freedom provided by this model, along with the community and collaboration that accompany it, are essential to our vision. We want to see the open web and open platforms continue to grow. We want to see technology democratized in a way that enables the global community to prosper. We want to see more and more people move from a consumer mindset to a creative and giving mindset, which we believe is central to the spirit of open source and critically important to the future of not only our industry but our civilization. Aurelia is one small contribution towards this dream, one with an exciting journey so far and much hope for the future.

It was just a year ago that we launched the official Beta of Aurelia. Since then we became the first framework to support v1 Shadow DOM. We also tuned our performance so that we were able to beat both Angular 2 and React in the major 3rd party benchmarks. Our community has grown at an astonishing rate with our number of contributors exceeding those involved in Angular 2 and Vue. All this built up to our 1.0 release this year in July which continued the global uptake. It’s truly been an amazing year!

We don’t see 1.0 as the finish line though. As soon as we hit this milestone we immediately began working towards our next set of goals, which build on the stable 1.0 foundation. There are four main areas we’re investing heavily in for Aurelia over the next year: continuous improvements, tools, server-side rendering and Aurelia UX.

Continuous Improvements

There’s always work to be done on Aurelia itself. We’re continuing to squash bugs, enable new use cases and improve the usability of all our modules as we work with the community and build more apps ourselves. We’re also continuing to monitor web standards, looking for ways to take advantage of new browser capabilities or make leveraging them simpler for our community. A fun example of that is this prototype binding engine enhancement which leverages some new APIs to nearly double the performance of Aurelia in the poplular DB Monster performance benchmark. (The API has shipped for Chrome and Opera and is in development for Edge and Firefox).


On top of the framework itself, we’re working to build a solid ecosystem. A big part of this is tools. Here are four tooling improvements we’re working on and expect to see big enhancements in over the coming months.


We’ve done the initial work to enable using Aurelia with Webpack 2. However, we’re not done. The team is continuing to invest in Webpack going forward, including a major upcoming refresh to our Webpack support.

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