The ES6 Conundrum

ECMAScript 6 or ES6 is the evolution of JavaScript and it is the future. It is the technology innovation for the web we’ve all been waiting for. It is full of great functionality we always craved and it finally enables us to build huge applications for the web in a scalable and easy to maintain manner. It empowers thousands of developers coming from Java or C# or other “higher” languages to finally write JavaScript and bring all the goodness of their experience to a market in dire need of organization and direction. That’s the sales pitch and – to be fair – a lot of it is true. However, it also makes a lot of assumptions as to what needs fixing on the web. And there is a real problem with evolving a language as ubiquitous as JavaScript without having control of the environments it is executed in. The web is a distributed platform. It is much harder to change the wheels on a vehicle that is constantly in motion than on one you can bring back to the shop, lock up, upgrade and drive out again. JavaScript doesn’t seem to cut it any longer The, shall we say, lenient […]