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Test the Limits: Delicious Typography

Although in general we understand that the larger part of jaw-dropping posters that owe a wow factor to an incredible typography are artificial and made in some advanced image editors, yet there are still mind-blowing letterings that look so delicious, mouth-watering and realistic that doubts creep in our mind, starting to play with our imagination. For justice’ sake, it should be noted that not every work that exhibits a yummy, true to life, food-inspired font is a skillful rendering. Sometimes typographers resort to some authentic tools given by Mother Nature. Pastry, fruits, chocolate, sweets, lollipops and other edible stuff become invaluable and essential instruments. So that this sort of typography can be broken into 2 categories in terms of realization. Only vivid visual imagery of an artist decides on whether to use sophisticated environment of software with a dozen of interesting polishing effects or ‘get your hands dirty’ by forming letters one by one from a raw material. The most important thing is that regardless of the choice, the final result will be simply outstanding. To prove it to you we have collected 30 incredible examples of appetizing and flavorful letterings that are made with the help of various techniques. Branston Advertising Creator: SEAN FREEMAN The Candy Alphabet […]