Sponsor: Media Temple

Media Temple has been my host here at CSS-Tricks since forever.

One of the things I particularly like is the customer support team. They have all the angles covered:

  • They have really robust documentation. I land there from web searches all the time, not even thinking to directly reference their docs.
  • Need help right now and not finding it in the docs? They do real time support through chat and phone. They are also 24/7/365 on Twitter at @mediatemplehelp. They were literally the first web host to do support via Twitter.
  • Having an issue you really need to explain in detail? You can submit a traditional support request.
  • Need more white glove help or don’t have the time to manage servers yourself?? They have CloudTech, a team of engineeers who go above and beyond support in that they’ll help migrate your sites, do security audits, do proactive monitoring, even keep software up to date for you.

I’ve taken advantage of all of that many times.

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