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Sourcehunt: Idea of the Month and 6 Interesting Repos!

It’s time for our monthly hunt for new open source libraries to use and contribute to!

If you’re new to Sourcehunt, it’s our monthly post for promoting open source projects that seem interesting or promising and could use help in terms of Github stars or pull requests.

It’s our way of giving back – promoting projects that we use (or could use) so that they gain enough exposure to attract a wider audience, a powerful community and, possibly, new contributors or sponsors.

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genkgo/archive-stream [5 ★]

We stumbled upon this package following this very interesting read about streamed file zipping and downloading in PHP.

This package provides a memory efficient API for streaming ZIP files as PSR 7 messages. It comes with certain limitations, namely that only the Zip64 (version 4.5 of the Zip specification) format is supported, and files cannot be resumed if a download fails before finishing, but apart from that, using it is incredibly straightforward if you’re already wading through the PSR-7 waters:

$archive = (new Archive())
    ->withContent(new CallbackStringContent('callback.txt', function () {
        return 'data';
    ->withContent(new StringContent('string.txt', 'data'))
    ->withContent(new FileContent('file.txt', 'local/file/name.txt'))
    ->withContent(new EmptyDirectory('directory'));

$response = $response->withBody(
    new Psr7Stream(new ZipReader($archive))

The library, while having many contributors who have done a professional job of fool-proofing it, and being over 8 months old, lacks exposure. Oddly enough, there are no issues (the issues feature itself is disabled) and no PRs to review, but the authors could always use more testers, tech writers to present the lib in blogs, and maintainers.

How do you usually send ZIPs, if at all? Why not give this a go?

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