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Responsive Web Design: How to Find the Right Photos

The Web – open space for any web designer out there. Today’s and even more so tomorrow’s web is one big challenge for our industry. Web sites are supposed to adapt seamlessly to any screen size with any aspect ratio on any device. Desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones are only the beginning. No one knows what kind of device will be popular next year. On the other end of the spectrum, high definition displays are growing in popularity. What results from this is a balancing act in many ways. One of the more prominent challenges is the choice of adequate images. Images that work fine on a smartphone as well as on a UHD display. Today’s article will focus this problem to help you choose the right photos for responsive web design. Details – When Less is More Conventional devices such as desktops or notebooks allow for a regular display of pictures in any resolution. Even the most detailed images are readily perceptible to the visitor’s eye. On tablets and more so smartphones, this is an entirely different story. The larger the image, the more significant the difference when this picture has to be scaled down to smartphone dimensions. It […]