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Remotely Debug and Test JavaScript with New Vorlon.js Plug-ins

In April 2015, our team of engineers and tech evangelists at Microsoft launched Vorlon.js, an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript.

When we launched the project during the Microsoft Build Developer Conference keynote, we had only three plugins: the DOM Explorer, the Interactive Console and Modernizr. We knew at this time that the key to the success for a project such as Vorlon is the quantity and quality of plugins. When you want to debug your website, you do not want to do much complicated things. You just want to pick the correct plugin and get the correct information.

This is why we made this project open source. We know you have a lot of ideas to provide great debug experiences to web developers.

So two months, 66 pull requests, 78 issues and 547 commits later: we are proud to announce that we (YOU and the team) just released Vorlon.js version 0.0.15! You can get it by either cloning our GitHub repository or installing it using npm command tool (npm install –g vorlon).

Note: if you are still wondering what Vorlon.js is, please read this article from David Catuhe first:_

Let’s have a look at what is new in this version.

New Plugins

XHR Panel is here to help you get the list of requests done through XMLHttpRequest. You can choose to enable or disable the recording using the play button.

XHR panel XHR panel

Network Monitor is bringing the ability for you in Vorlon to see all the network exchanges that are done between the browser and the web server. It provides the resource name, the server domain, the type of request, the duration in milliseconds and a nice visual timeline!

Network Monitor

Resource Explorer gives you information about what is stored locally on the client browser instance. There is data about Sessions , Cookies , and Local Storage. This can be really useful when you want to debug local cache or login / persistent user data issues.

Resource Explorer

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