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Raygun: Affordable Crash Reporting for Any App

The job of developers is great. They are always creating something new. Whether it is a web app based on PHP or a mobile app for iOS or Android or just about any other thinkable app for devices out there, coding is universal. On the downside, errors are universal too. Chasing errors is the part of the job any developer just hates. This will change once you discover Raygun. Raygun chases down all the errors for you, even before you or the users of your app have had the chance to notice they exist. Welcome to a dream come true. Raygun: Your Future Weapon Today Raygun itself is developed in New Zealand. Should you ever have had the chance to visit this great country, you will know that out of New Zealand anything seems possible. Raygun, the crash reporting solution for just about any app you might ever want to develop is a proof for that. Digging up and eliminating errors in software projects cannot be a lot easier. The process is simple. Raygun provides an API and a large flock of libraries for a large bunch of supported languages. Once you’ve signed up for an account you get access […]