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Print on Demand: Printify Now Lets WordPress Users Sell Shirts for $5.99

Print on demand with drop shipping is a way to monetize your brand. Now, Printify, one of the largest competitors, announced the integration of their service with self-hosted WordPress sites working with WooCommerce.

Printify is Different

Should you never have heard about print on demand and drop shipping, here is a brief explanation. These relatively new solutions allow you to create products with your design and sell them to potential customers. Once a customer buys one of your designs, the corresponding product will be printed and sent directly to your customer. You only provide the design and integrate the service into your own shop, that’s all. All of the handlings will be done with your branding. The provider itself stays entirely invisible to your customers.

There are quite a few print on demand providers out there in the wild, but Printify stands out as Printify does not offer print on demand. What? Calm down. It’s easy. Printify is a transparent provider network. They work with roughly a dozen print on demand providers as of the time of this writing to help you fulfill your demand.

Printify has more than 150 products in several variants available.

Instead of having to rely on your one and only chosen fulfillment center Printify allows you to choose between some. You might want to select a provider near you or your target market. Location is not the only filter criterion, however. You can also select by price and other parameters. Where with other services you would in the worst case be forced to look for another, Printify has alternatives within their own network.

Strong Product Base and Ripe Service

Printify is not new to the market. They are one of the most popular apps for the Shopify platform since years, and their service has absolutely grown up and is ripe for business. Their catalog of 150+ unique products includes shirts, phone cases, mugs, laptop sleeves, tote bags, pillows, blankets, shower curtains and many more.

Choose a product.

As you see, you cannot only make your own shirt but also create custom phone cases and a variety of other products. Printify’s provider network offers high-quality garments, such as Bella & Canvas 3001 or Next Level 3600, both of which are absolute bestsellers within the shirt portfolio.

Printify Products are Easy and Free to Integrate

Integration with your shop is seamless. You need not even have Photoshop skills to provide realistic product images in your store. The Printify Mockup Generator will create high-resolution 3D mockups for you that appeal to your customers and look good, no matter the device they get viewed on. Your artwork will be instantly placed on a three-dimensional product model, making the rendered images look highly realistic.

Design it.

The use of Printify’s technology is free. You only pay for the printed and delivered products, which makes the business totally risk-free for you.

Printify Goes WordPress and WooCommerce

While not everyone uses Shopify, 28% of the world’s websites run on WordPress and more than 30% of world’s eCommerce websites are powered by Woo, explains Printify CEO James Berdigan and adds, that now two out of every five stores out there will be able to use Printify which opens a massive market of millions of outlets.

See the rendered preview.

What made James Berdigan so excited, you might ask. Printify just released an integration with WooCommerce, enabling any self-hosted WordPress site owner to sell shirts and other products from right within their own WooCommerce shop. And this integration is fairly easy to accomplish as is explained in this short tutorial video:

As you can see, there is no rocket science for you to master. The administration of your shop happens comfortably from within the Printify Dashboard. Your WooCommerce instance will draw the products in automatically. That way you could use WooCommerce as just another channel to sell your goods. Products have to be maintained in one place only to serve all your outlets.

WooCommerce print on demand should definitely become part of your future monetization strategy. As you can enter this market completely risk-free, you have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

Download the WordPress plugin from here and integrate the service as shown in the video above or documented in more detail here.