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Please: Automated CMS and Framework Installs in Vagrant

If you’re a web developer, possibly one of your most boring and repetitive tasks is the configuration of the basic setup for every new project. Configuring your domain, creating the database, installing WordPress (or any other CMS/Framework) for the thousandth time: you already know how to do it. What if you could automate all of that?

Well, actually, you can.

Please is a simple bash script that helps to automate the installations of many CMSs and Frameworks by configuring them automatically into your Vagrant box, adding a development domain name into your host file, and even a database if needed.

Let’s take a look.

Important Notice

Since Please is still in beta version (0.3), I suggest that you not use it immediately in your production, but to test it first — to make sure everything works as you require. There’s no risk about losing data and so on — the worst thing that could happen is that it’s not working — but it’s always better to be safe.


So, first, you need to setup a Vagrant box.

If you’re new to Vagrant, I suggest you read this nice introduction to understand the whole thing and get started the right way.

A small Vagrant box (a fork of has been created for this project, and it’s named Please Box.

Here are all the steps for installation:

$ git clone please-box
$ cd please-box
$ vagrant up

Please also requires the Vagrant HostsUpdater plugin to get everything to work. The installation is quite simple; here’s the command to save you some time:

$ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater

That’s it, you’re all set to start using Please!

Install Please

There are very few steps needed to install Please, as written in the official documentation:

$ git clone
$ sudo chmod +x please/please
$ sudo mv please/please /usr/local/bin/please && sudo rm -R please

The && sudo rm -R please part is only to keep your computer clean; since the git clone part clones the full folder of the repo, including the README file, you may not want to keep these on your computer.

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