PHP Summer Camp 2015 Review

You’re standing on a long pier, the last ten meters of which curiously belong to international waters despite being well inside the current country’s territory. As you climb the meter-high rock wall that forms a small barrier towards the west, you’re able to witness the sun dipping into the sea, far in the distance. Soft waves caress the rocky surface below your feet, bobbing the sea urchins and fish to and fro. There are other people there, each immersed in their own thoughts.

Rovinj sunset

No, that’s not a Dungeons and Dragons session starting. It’s the end of a great conference of workshops in Rovinj, Croatia, in the same spirit as last year’s.

PHP Summer Camp 2015

PHP Summer Camp is a dual event comprising of two PHP tracks and one eZ Publish track, the workshops of which are collectively called EZ Summer Camp. This year’s event took place slightly earlier than last year’s – from August 26th to 29th.

I attended in an entirely unofficial capacity this year. With zero responsibility on site, it was quite a different experience. This year’s key takeaways from the conference itself are:

  • Doctrine is less complicated than it seems, just awkwardly documented
  • Blackfire is less complicated than it seems, just awkwardly documented
  • More people need to read Ross Tuck’s guide to conference speaking
  • Puli is either the next game changer or the next big flop
  • If you’re only attending conferences you get invited to (and your schedule is not packed with those invites), you’re not a good member of the community
  • Tech people can and do have fun and interesting conversations in bars without getting drunk and awkward, contrary to popular belief.

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