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PhotoBulk for macOS & Windows: Everyday Image Editor for Common Tasks

PhotoBulk is a useful little helper for recurring image editing tasks. You can add watermarks, edit, and optimize photos. The bulk feature that lets you edit tons of images at once is more than useful.

macOS is a great OS that lets you get a lot of things done. The application “photos” already provides the most important image editing functions. However, the options are very limited when it comes to certain tasks.

I was looking for a program that is able to edit and crop multiple images at once. It should also include an option to change the image names. It didn’t take too long that I found the small image editor PhotoBulk, and I was pretty impressed by its features.

Of course, PhotoBulk does not replace a full-fledged photo editing program like Photoshop or Affinity Photo. It’s merely a small helper for certain tasks.

What PhotoBulk Can Do

The tiny image editor allows you to create watermarks, as well as optimize, rename, and crop photos.

Get a quick impression by watching the following video:

1 – Creating Watermarks

You can add a date to your photos, implement a text, symbol, or even a script symbol. Simply drag the photos onto the app as a stack, choose your settings, adjust them, and click start. Now, place the (visible) watermark on any spot on the photo. Size and position are adjustable, and you even get to rotate it.

Creating Watermarks Via PhotoBulk

I have tested it, and I was content with the outcome. As I don’t have that many images, I tried a bulk of 732 photos at once, which worked without any issues.

Here’s a Result:

My Watermark That I Created Using PhotoBulk

2 – Scaling Images

Scaling plenty of photos at once can be done fast and easily. It is possible to adjust the width and height proportionally or on a percentage basis. You could also enter a maximum size. It’s also no problem to crop the images to individual measurements.

Scaling Images Via PhotoBulk

I have also tested this function with a bulk of 50 images. My test setting was »Free Size« where you get to freely define the desired measurements. It worked fast and smoothly.

3 – Optimizing Images for a Smaller File Size

If you have to work with a low amount of storage like I do, you’ll be happy about the image optimization feature. Maybe you also want to share your images on the internet, or use them in websites. Here, every byte matters. PhotoBulk lets you compress all of your photos at once. You can choose between the JPEG and the PNG format, or optimize both formats at once.

The quality and image measurements stay the same. The optimization of PNG files takes a bit longer, depending on the amount of images you want to optimize. JPG files are edited rather quickly, however.

Example: JPG Files

The Original Image

The Unworked Photo in Full Resolution.

The Unedited Photo in Full Resolution.

The Optimized Variant (Maximum Setting):

The Photo's Optimized Version in Full Resolution.

The Photo’s Optimized Version in Full Resolution.

Surely, there will be noticeable differences in higher resolutions. Nonetheless, the program still frees a lot of storage for small harddrives. In my opinion, the program is a good fit for using images on websites, or sharing them on the web.

4 – The Rename-Tool

is a useful function to get order into your collection. Cameras create weird names that are not really meaningful. PhotoBulk allows you to rename your photos by assigning new file names, as well as a number sequence. You choose the first number, as well as the amount of zeroes.

This tool is useful for bulk renaming of photos. This way, you can semiautomatically assign names to all photos from your last vacation, for example. Simply drag a stack of photos onto the app, pick the desired name, and click start. The app renames the photos, deposits them in a new folder, and leaves the original files untouched.

Renaming with PhotoBulk

The Image Format Conversion

PhotoBulk can conduct a mass conversion from one file format into another. This means, you can e.g. convert PNG to JPG, and vice versa. This works with the most popular formats JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF. After each action, you decide which format to save the photos in.

PhotoBulk: Converting Your Photo's Formats is This Easy.

PhotoBulk: Converting Your Photo Formats is Easy.

The Realtime Preview and Settings

Save the most commonly used settings, so that the next editing can be done even faster. Additionally, you have a preview option before each completed action, giving you a good idea of what the final result will look like.

The Preview Function of PhotoBulk. Easily Accessible Via Eye Button.

The Preview Function of PhotoBulk. Easily Accessible Via Eye Button.

Platform and Costs

PhotoBulk is available for macOS, and for Windows. There is a test version for both platforms as well.

The program costs 9,99 Euro for macOS, and is available on the App Store. The Windows version costs 19,99 USD, not including VAT (where applicable).


The program does a good job. All options run smoothly and provide satisfying results. I especially like the photo bulk rename feature. The quality and the result of the compression soothes my constant storage problem.