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Online Marketing Basics #9: How to Make the Most Out of Banner Ads

Banner ads have been around for quite a while. In fact, in internet terms, they have been with us forever, the first ones starting to appear in the mid-90s. Advertising banners are specific areas on a website where ads are placed, just like print ads in a magazine. Clicking on a banner usually takes you to the website of the advertiser. With this post, we will introduce you to this long-serving online marketing tool and discuss how to bring it up to speed with today’s marketing needs. Advertising banners have seen their share of criticism for quite some time. Some say many users just ignore all advertising – a phenomenon called banner blindness. Others fear the increasing use of ad blockers would render banner ads obsolete. Both scenarios would lead to click rates hovering around zero. But in spite of all this, banners are still one of the most popular tools of online advertising. One reason being that there are ways to, at least partly, work around banner blindness and ad blockers to achieve better results. After all, internet giants like Google, Amazon etc. also still use banner advertising, and they are getting results. Net advertising expenditures for online banners […]