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Online Marketing Basics #8: Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

In part 8 of our Online Marketing Series, we will talk about affiliate marketing. This type of marketing can be a powerful tool – especially for sales people. To figure out what it is and how to use it, this post will answer these questions: What exactly is affiliate marketing? Who should use it? How is it deployed? What kind of tricky issues should we pay attention to when doing affiliate marketing? What is Affiliate Marketing? Roughly, „to affiliate“ means to associate or to partner with someone. That’s what it’s all about: You tie your partners (the affiliates) to the advertising of your products or services. As always when doing online marketing, you want to direct attention (and drive traffic) to a certain web presence, like your website. So whatever you want to sell – with affiliate marketing, the partners you take on board are called publishers. These publishers promote your product or services on their websites. The goal is to get visitors clicking on your ad or link, respectively, and direct them to your website. Once there, these visitors hopefully perform the desired action (like buying something). If that’s the case, your partner earns a predetermined commission. For the […]