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Online Marketing Basics #11: New Customers with Content Marketing

Content marketing has become a buzzword in online marketing. But what is it actually all about? And how do you use content marketing effectively? This post will explain this tool, show why content marketing is not only part of every other online marketing measure but also basically required for them to be successful in the first place. Furthermore, we present a sample of an effective content marketing strategy. What is Content Marketing and What is it Good For? If you talk about content marketing you talk about generating and distributing relevant content in order to convince a target group of specific products, services, brands, or companies and aquire new customers along the way. To better understand this description and how content marketing works, let’s get into more detail: Content is nearly everything: texts, images, illustrations, audio files, video. This sums up pretty much all of the internet, actually. For content to be relevant, these texts, images, video or audio files need to have informing, instructing, advising, explanatory, and/or entertaining value. In other words: the content has to satisfy someone’s need and be useful for this person. This “someone” is a specific target group. The products/services/brand/company are aimed at this target […]