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OctoberCMS CRUD – Building a Team/Project Management Plugin

So far, we covered different aspects of OctoberCMS. This is a follow up article to discover how to use OctoberCMS for CRUD applications and take a detailed view at how to work with models, relations and controllers. Let’s get started.

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I will assume you already know how to set up a working installation of OctoberCMS. If not, you can check out the introduction article, or read the installation section in the documentation.

What We’re Building

We are going to build a project management plugin where you can add different users to teams and assign them to projects. You can check the final result on GitHub, and feel free to suggest edits or additions to the plugins.

Setting up the Plugin

Let’s start by using the create:plugin scaffolding command to create the initial plugin structure, and define the Plugin::pluginDetails method with our plugin details.

php artisan create:plugin rafie.sitepointDemo
// Plugin.php

public function pluginDetails()
    return [
        'name'        => 'Project management',
        'description' => 'Manage your teams and projects.',
        'author'      => 'RAFIE Younes',
        'icon'        => 'icon-leaf'

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