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Not Just for WordPress: Clean Documentation With WPThemeDoc

WPThemeDoc by Rich Tabor is an HTML template that helps you write documentation for your WordPress theme, or any other project, really quickly, and in a contemporary fashion.

Simple, Elegant, and Quick Results

Rich Tabor’s HTML template WPThemeDoc is the base for all documentation of his theme provider ThemeBeans. Thankfully, Rich decided to make his template freely accessible to the public under the GPL license.

This is what a documentation with WPThemeDoc looks like.

Based on the fact that it’s an HTML template, you can also realize sites that don’t have anything to do with a WordPress theme documentation. The template is a good fit for any documentation. Do you document your client projects, for example? If so, WPThemeDoc is probably worth considering as well.

Common Variables Speed Up the WP Documentation

It is exceptionally well suited for WordPress users, because Rich has already prepared tons of variables relating to WordPress development in the HTML, allowing you to fill them with your own content via simple searching and replacing. Adding or removing more themes is very easy. Rich has worked with speaking IDs here. If you’ve dealt with the slightest bit of HTML before, you won’t struggle with this.

WPThemeDoc is Completely Free to Use as Open Source

WPThemeDoc is entirely free to use and available on Github. An example of the template in action can be found here. Take the easy way next time, use WPThemeDoc. Your client won’t pay you for your manufacture efforts anyways.