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Multilingual Support for AngularJS

There are some cases in which providing a multilingual support is required. Sometimes it could be a good idea to provide support for different languages into the application you’re building and offer your users the possibility to view the content in different idioms. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add a multilingual support to any AngularJS application.

We’ll build a single page application that requires a multilingual support with more than one language using AngularJS, so the user can switch instantly between languages without refreshing the page. In that case we need to do more things to our application, including translating its text, switching instantly between different languages, or changing the layout direction (RTL > LTR).

All the code developed in this article is available on GitHub.

Environment Setup

In the example I’m going to show you, I’ll use Bower and Gulp to make our development environment as more automated and flexible as possible.

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