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Media Temple is a web hosting company that has hosting options for everyone. From inexpensive (but powerful) plans like their Managed WordPress Hosting, to mid-level stuff like the managed DV plan CSS-Tricks runs on, to super heavy duty dedicated and cloud hosting.

CSS-Tricks is the biggest site that I personally manage (with Media Temple’s help, of course), so I keep that on a DV all by itself. We’ve been able to tune it up to be incredibly speedy. The document almost always comes back from WordPress under 100ms, which is pretty smoking! The only caching in place is at the nginx level. The rest of my sites I host on a separate DV, and I actually quite enjoy being able to DevOps myself when I need to, which I can do with Plesk that comes preinstalled on the box.

Quick story!

CodePen has a job board which actually doubles as the CSS-Tricks job board and the ShopTalk job board. The jobs have a JSON endpoint, which we wanted to go HTTPS-only with. Because ShopTalk uses this endpoint from the front end, we needed ShopTalk to be HTTPS also. Time for a little server work!

Perhaps you’ve heard of Let’s Encrypt, which provides SSL certificates totally free? I’m sure it’s easy for some folks, but I’d say overall, the vibe is that it’s not exactly a trivially easy thing to use for average developers like me. Fortunately, there is a Plesk extension for Let’s Encrypt. I just download a `.zip` file and add it right to Plesk with a click or two.

Let’s Encrypt extension installed on my Media Temple DV through Plesk.

Another couple of clicks to generate and install the certificate, and I have a working HTTPS site.

And of course if I had any trouble at all, I’d just submit a ticket and get Media Temple’s help. Which I have, let’s see here… 169 times over almost a decade! I’m looking at my support history right now, and my first ticket ever was November 18, 2008 in which I was asking about the implications of www. at the start of URL’s and how it affects hosting.

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