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Media Temple has always been huge supporters of the web design and development communities. They got some deals cookin’ right now to celebrate the 20th anniversary of CSS itself. Funny to think this site is just about exactly half as old as its namesake. Over on their blog, Alex Rojas rounded up some highlights of those first 20 years, and I did similarly.

I’ve used Media Temple for hosting for this site, and dozens and dozens of others, throughout my years in web development.

One of the things I always think about with hosting is speed. To be perfectly honest, a host can only do so much for you. As long as you’re on good hardware that is appropriate for your site, the rest of that, say 90%, is on you. You need to make good choices, write good code, do persistent monitoring, and all that.

When you’re working on site performance, and looking at that all-important waterfall of requests, the vast majority of that are front-end concerns. It’s that very first line, the document itself, that is the primary back-end concern, and where hosting comes most into play.

I’ll take a 100ms timing for that document any day.

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