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Manifold.JS with Crosswalk, a Simpler Dev Experience for Android

With version 0.3.0 of manifoldJS you can now choose to build your Android apps with Crosswalk instead of the traditional Android webview. It’s quite simple to implement as well. If you’re not familiar, manifold.JS is a new open source framework that that can take a website and create an app for Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox, simplifying the creation of hosted apps across platforms. It debuted at the Microsoft Build 2015 conference in last April. manifoldJS runs as a command line tool through node.js or you can use the web based tool at In this tutorial, I’ll show you the simple steps to get it up and running so that you can try it yourself.  First, make sure you have manifoldJS installed and running: Step 1: install node.js from Step 2: open your favorite command prompt (terminal on mac or linux) and type: 1 > npm install manifoldjs -g Now, you simply add the Crosswalk flag to your launch parameters, and watch what happens next: 1 > manifoldjs –p Android –c And…BOOM! You’ve just build a hosted web app with Crosswalk. A Practical Example of Crosswalk With Crosswalk you can be confident that the newest HTML5 features such as WebGL, […]