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Lame vs. Kickass WordPress Themes: Take your Pick

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Here at Artbees Themes, we’re not big into sugar-coating things. With ourselves or others. So we’ll be blunt–in the world of WordPress Themes there are the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, but it’s not always easily apparent. If you’re not quite sure what to prioritize when shopping for a new theme, the copious lists of features and promotions can making choosing one a bit overwhelming. After receiving hundreds of inquiries from our users begging us to point them in the right direction in what to look for in a top-tier WordPress theme, we’re happy to offer a few straightforward pointers:


First, to appreciate the great WP themes, let’s do a quick recap of what to steer clear of.

WordPress Theme Let-downs:

Code Bloat.

A website that weighed down by sloppy and dense code will have a direct negative impact on your web traffic and bounce rates. Think feather light code with an itsie bitsie file size.

Shoddy Design.

Over cluttered, disjointed, tacky, and unbalanced. We’ve all had encounters with websites that don’t quite rub us the right way. Don’t let yours be the next one.

Does not play well with others.

WordPress themes that offer the bare minimum of features but then don’t even allow you to invite other plugins to the party? That’s just rude.

One-track mind WordPress Themes.

Creating a website that fully represents the mission of your enterprise with a WP theme that doesn’t give you wiggle room to customize is going to be next to impossible.

What exactly is in la crème de la crème of WordPress themes?

Well truth be told, most WordPress themes have a few of the below ingredients we’ll mention, but really what makes a theme exceptional is a combination of all of these:


The smaller your theme’s file size the more likely it is that your web pages will load quickly. You can also find this out by verifying the theme’s PageSpeed score. This will pull more visitors to your site as well as increase your Google rankings putting you closer to getting higher conversions!


Love at first sight.

When you see good design, you’ll know it. And so will your customers. Themes that give you a wide rage of color palettes, fonts and features all within a framework of functionality and beauty will give you a great head start in creating a unique and interactive visitor experience.


Flexible with external plugins.

Find out which functions you’ll need in your website and check if your WordPress theme already has a similar feature included. If not, you better make sure it’ll play nice with necessary plugins.


24/7 Safety Net

For any hiccups or “situations” you’ll want to have back-up. Make sure your WordPress theme comes fully supported with one to one help, great documentation, and video tutorials.


Use the above five points to guide you in your research and who knows, you may find yourself eye to eye with your very own kickass Jupiter WordPress theme.

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