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Kallyas WP Theme Has a Front End Builder That You Will Love

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Most WordPress themes make the claim that they are easy to work with.

On the surface, there is usually some truth to that, but as you dig deeper, you’ll find that most of these them can actually be somewhat difficult to use. Realistically, it can be a challenge to find a theme that is genuinely easy to use.

Most visual builders are wasteful and code bloat. When delivered as plugins, which most of them are, they are often not performing well enough with the theme you prefer to work with.

Even if they are only slightly incompatible, you may still have to deal with bugs and inconsistent behavior. A theme with an integrated, intuitive front end builder that you can really enjoy is quite a catch.

Kallyas WP Theme Has a Front End Builder That You Will Enjoy

You have every right to search for a WordPress theme that makes web design fun, but choosing just another template generator isn’t likely to make that happen.

You want a tool that enables you to exercise the full extent of your creativity, and one that features superior performance and responsiveness.

Introducing Kallyas – a Theme with the First Front-End Builder You’ll Actually Enjoy

As a web design professional, you naturally want to have the tools you need to get the job done. You would also like to have a toolkit that is not only useful and intuitive to use, but will actually make website building a thoroughly enjoyable activity.

There aren’t many themes that can live up to that promise, but the Kallyas WordPress theme can – and it does.

Kallyas’s front end builder is not a plugin. It is fully integrated into the multipurpose toolbox-like theme.

To get a better idea of what this front end builder is all about, check this video out:

Using this cool, intuitive front-end builder will transform your web design experience.

  • Smart code optimization translates into faster page load times.
  • You can quickly and easily import/export and save your work.
  • Use drag and drop to arrange your layouts any way you want to.
  • You can add, append, or prepend Smart Areas of content on any type of page or post.
  • Multisite project? Unique pages on the same website? It’s not only possible, it’s easy.
  • 150+ design elements are just waiting for you to arrange them into layouts.

Kallyas will simply make your web design work more enjoyable.

Kallyas’ Page Builder Delivers Faster Loading Times

Whether you’re working with theme, or surfing the web, slow load times are a nuisance.They are usually a result of loading unnecessary information along information that is actually going to be put to use. Many website building tools are guilty of this, due to poor or substandard resource management features.

Kallyas WP Theme Has a Front End Builder That You Will Enjoy

When most WP themes enter a page built on other WP pages, unnecessary elements are loaded along with the needed ones – resulting in cloggy code and slow load times.

Since Kallyas smartly manages its resources, the impact on you, the web designer, is a positive one. Since Kallyas has a front end builder, the only elements you receive are those you need.

We noticed a trend in WordPress themes: multifunctional, multi-featured, complex design elements. The downside – all the resources are usually being loaded throughout all the pages of the website, even though those specific elements are not actually used in the website.

We decided to fix this and we tried another approach. Instead of using this shortcode system, we built our own, controllable system that allows the theme to load on-demand resources.

This benefits the users of a website built with Kallyas – a faster loading time delivers a better browsing experience, especially on mobile. We just don’t believe that wasting a website’s resources is beneficial.”

told us the people from Hogash, Kallyas’ creators, a Power Elite Author on ThemeForest.

From This Time On, You’ll Find Customization is an Enjoyable Task

There are web designers who prefer to have hundreds of demos or templates to work from, in the belief that having a large number of those tools will make website building easier. Demos can indeed make a design task easier, but that is not the same as making it easy, not to mention enjoyable. Kallyas’s front end builder, together with its solid code and efficient use of resources, makes any argument that a huge number of customizable layouts makes life easy is a difficult one to justify.

These Kallyas demos show why this is the case:

  • The Main Demo includes an outstanding array of home pages, sliders, hero scenes, and other features. Some have special effects that will blow your mind. You can spend a few minutes, or an hour, going through this demo. Enjoy.

Kallyas WP Theme Has a Front End Builder That You Will Enjoy

  • You’ll like the ATHOS demo’s home page selections, the effective use of long scrolling, and how special effects are put into play.
  • If building an online shop is your objective, the ARES demo is jam-packed with great ideas for delivering a super UX that will send conversion rates soaring.

Kallyas WP Theme Has a Front End Builder That You Will Enjoy

Just remember, it’s not only how impressive these demos are, but what you can do with them, and how easily you can do it, that counts.

About Kallyas

Kallyas WordPress Theme has the first front end builder you’ll actually enjoy. There are many reasons why working with Kallyas is a fun thing to do, but the front end visual builder is certainly key.

A huge effort was put into its creation, and that effort has paid for itself many times over. Changes you make take place before your eyes.

The page optimizing efforts the Kallyas team took translate into quick response and fast page loading for you, the user. Your user’s time is valuable, and there is nothing more frustrating than sitting and waiting for a page to load

More than 150 video tutorials and over 100 well-written documents, are at your disposal. These learning tools, combined with a fast and reliable support team, have you well covered should you need assistance.

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