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Introducing Layers for WordPress: Do More With Your Themes

Owing to the popularity of WordPress, more and more designers use it to build websites. As a result, a good number of parent themes and frameworks have come up to help designers accomplish more with less effort. Such concepts, be they skeleton themes or proper frameworks, aim to assist in theme development and website creation by offering a sort of foundation for you to begin with.

Today, I am going to introduce you to a new site builder that helps you do more with your WordPress sites: Layers.


What is Layers?

Brought to you by the nice folks at Obox Themes and Envato Market, Layers is brand new site builder meant especially for WordPress users. It offers a simple point, click and shoot interface that makes working with it a breeze for newbies and experts alike.

Now, before you ask, Layers is totally open-source and fully customizable, and yes, it is free for you to download and use. Getting eager already? Download it here.

What Can it Do?

In simple words: a lot.

Layers, strictly speaking, lets you focus solely on your design without having to worry about code and bugs. Since it is built atop WordPress, it also means your design will be universally deployable and fully functional right within WordPress.


However, the biggest USP of Layers lies in its set of extensions and style kits that enable you to add new features and enhance your overall design. This is what Layers is all about: doing more with your WordPress websites.

Yet Another Site Builder?

Probably, but Layers has a special advantage that not many site builders out there can offer or promise.

First up, as already mentioned, Layers is built on top of WordPress. Next, it is fully supported and backed by Envato Market.

Now, you realize what that means? Once you use Layers to build your WordPress site, you open up to a plethora of themes and extensions and style kits that you can choose from and use as per your needs — Envato Market is the de facto leader when it comes to finding WordPress-related themes, and with a special section for Layers and its child themes, you can be sure that by using Layers, you are in safe hands.

Wish to see it for yourself? Check out the extensions for Layers over here, and style kits right here.

Even more so, over on ThemeForest, the free file of this month is a child theme of Layers. So before anything else, why don’t you grab a copy of Layers, and download this free child theme, and check out this awesome site builder for yourself, all for free?

Weather – Free layers Child Theme

What is in it for me?

Now, the million dollar question: how can you, as a designer, benefit by using Layers?

Well, let us put it this way. You must already be designing and building websites and themes for WordPress users. Now, it is common knowledge that a WordPress theme that is a child theme of a popular and reputed theme framework tends to get more attention among the community members, simply because the said framework already has its own set of proven merits and benefits, and your child theme will be built on top of it.

Yes, this is just like standing on the shoulders of a giant. You do not have to worry about insecure code, faulty loops, etc. As a result, WordPress theme frameworks such as Thesis, Genesis and even Hybrid have done well over the years.

Now, Layers is more than just a framework. It is a full-fledged site builder in its own right. What this means is that your theme will still stand on the shoulders of a giant and be guaranteed all the features that Layers brings to the table, but even beyond that, you will not have to deal with heavy lines of code while creating your theme. Furthermore, add to it the fact that Envato Market will be there for you to showcase your theme before the world, and you get a killer combination that can really take your WordPress themes to the moon.

Interesting? Makes sense? Check out this video, to see what all Layers can help you accomplish:

Ready to build your next WordPress theme with Layers?

Get Started With Layers Today!

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