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Introducing Extra – Elegant Themes’ Highly Anticipated New Magazine WordPress Theme

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Extra is one of the most promising and anticipated magazine WordPress Themes. It provides a razor sharp focus on building a magazine-style website that serves the needs of online publications while providing a happy home for bloggers. Extra takes full advantage of Divi’s Builder for posts, including the capability to capture a viewer’s attention with a number of cool special effects.

See for yourself what Divi and Extra can do as they work together to build a magazine-oriented website that will have customers beating a path to your door.

Extra’s Exciting Features

Divi Builder’s Drag and Drop functionality allows you to quickly build page after page. With Extra, the number of different magazine home pages and layouts you can create is limitless.

You have complete control over how you want to configure a page, and no coding is required. Divi Builder modules function as building blocks. Pick a module you want, and drag and drop it to where you want to place it. If you want to move it to a different location later, just drag and drop it to the new location.

Since Extra’s custom, online magazine-oriented modules fit right in with Divi Builder, you can create a wide variety of category styles.

Use any of Divi Builder’s 40 Content Modules to build amazing story-driven Posts and Pages with a minimum of effort. Do you plan to incorporate a countdown timer, pricing tables, testimonials, video, or a portfolio section? There’s a module for each and every one, and 35 more.

There’s really no limit to the number of ways you can create stunning posts featuring modern content. Design a layout and customize it to your heart’s content. You may even amaze yourself with the posts and pages you can create.

Like any other premium Elegant Theme product, Extra gives you the tools you need to Customize Anything or Everything however you choose as you build your website. There are dozens and dozens of options to choose from to establish your unique brand.

You not only have full control as to how to configure a page, but complete control when customizing a page’s elements as well, and down to the smallest detail. Whether it’s text font, letter spacing, image margins, block padding, button style, size, or color, you can achieve precisely the look you want.

Jump Start Your Website with Extra’s Beautiful Template Collection

You naturally want to highlight your magazine website with a stunning Home Page. This is remarkably easy to do with Extra.

A home page can take on many types of formats. Attention can focus on one or two subjects or on several. It is also important that other pages, especially key landing pages, have attention-getting layouts.

This is easily accomplished with Extra. Viewers should be encouraged to read the content. A viewer may not be a pasta lover, but an attractive layout could pique that person’s curiosity enough to take a closer look.

Once upon a time, incorporating a Blog Page was treated almost as an afterthought. Today, blogs are key elements of product-oriented websites. Smart website owners know what blogs can contribute. Extra has exactly what is needed to get your blog page up and running.

Other Website Page Templates ensure information is presented in a professional or classy manner. Extra features templates for Timelines and Blog Feeds, Portfolio Sections, Login Pages, Sitemaps, and Contact Us pages. None of these pages need to be boring and don’t neglect the all-important Right Sidebar.

Don’t forget to include a Reviews and Ratings System in your eCommerce section. Reviews and ratings are valuable sources of information, and they encourage customer participation in website activity as well. Extra has a built in review system that can be customized to suit your needs.

With Extra you can add a product rating to any post.

Having a ton of Custom Widgets to choose from will make your website a fun and exciting place to visit. Widgets can also be sources ideas as to how you want your content to appear, and how you want your website to function.

Extra also comes with the Social Media features that have become such a necessary part of successful magazine sites. You’ll be able to connect your social media accounts and display follower counts and links to your social media profiles. Built-in social sharing buttons can be featured in all posts, and you have the capability to add social links to your website’s header as well. It’s all there, just waiting to be implemented.

It almost goes without saying that Extra is 100% WooCommerce Ready as well.

Extra and the Divi Builder is a winning combination by any measure. While Divi Builder will make building any website a quick and easy task, Extra makes it even easier for a magazine website. Make it a point to browse through the layouts and selection of templates.

If your goal is nothing short of creating a superbly-crafted magazine website with all the trimmings, and doing so in a relatively short time, Extra is not only worth a closer look – it is highly recommended.

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