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Introducing: Chatbots with Our First Mini Course

Most of you who visit SitePoint are on a quest to learn. When we run into a problem, we quickly search for a solution. If we’re not familiar enough with a web topic, or want to expand our knowledge in a particular skill set or tool, we look for quick lessons to teach us more. We’re always researching.

With increasing time constraints, it can be hard finding time to work/study, eat, socialize, and sleep. There’s no wonder we tend to put our bookmarked 2-6 hour course on the backburner. We get it.

That’s why we’re happy to introduce Mini Courses, it’s a shorter course especially made for your quick breaks.

What Makes Mini Courses Different from Courses?

Apart from it being shorter, you’ll also notice that mini-courses are a lot more focused, and really explore a topic, skipping the fundamental basics of web development.

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