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Introducing Be’s Fresh Pre-Built Websites and Their New Installer

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Be Theme’s pre-built website installer has always enjoyed the reputation of an one click installation process. That is still the case; but there was also a darker side to the story. It involved a process that was not particularly user friendly.

It was, in fact, somewhat of a hassle. A web designer had to wend his way through a multitude of pre-built websites before finding what he wanted.

It amounted to what was a one-website-at-a-time manual search. And it involved bouncing back and forth between Be’s pre-built website presentation page and the admin panel.

Once it was time to install the selected website, other problems remained.

  • The system didn’t identify which plugins the selected pre-built website required to function as shown in the preview.
  • The system didn’t indicate which plugins were installed, not provide the user with an option to install any that weren’t.

In addition, the only option available to the user was to install the entire pre-built website, even if only a part of it was needed. This was not a major problem, but few designers like to have to deal with design elements they have no use for.

The old pre-built website installer looked like this:

Be’s old Be pre-built website installer

The Muffin Group team, Be Theme’s developers, took the old installer, and dramatically changed the UI and more.

The new and improved Be pre-built website installer

  • As you can see, all 250+ pre-built websitescan now be viewed directly inside the admin panel. Instead of a tedious manual search, you can select or preview a pre-built website by clicking on its thumbnail.
  • The new filter feature lets you select a search category to assist in zeroing in on the what you are seeking. Categories such as business, creative, blog, entertainment, etc., will usually return a handful of candidates. This feature will be even more helpful as Be’s selection of pre-built websites continues to grow.
  • You’ll be told which plugins a given website requires, which ones are presently installed, and the option to install any that are missing.

You’re informed which plugins a selected pre-built website needs to function properly.

  • The final problem that has been resolved involves importing the selected pre-built website. You have the option of importing the website default pages, the content, or both.

Install only what you need for a pre-built website

Check out this video to see the new and improved installer in action:

Be’s Latest Pre-Built Website Releases

Be Sports Club

A modern design like this is guaranteed to be a health or fitness club’s choice for their website. Be Sports Club features impressive parallax effects on several of its pages. Also it has trendy fade-in animations as you are first introduced to the site.

Be Productions

You will like this pre-built website because of the way its dark background emphases the brands color, along with its message. Be Productions’ highlights include a cool parallax scroll effect, together with other tastefully-placed design elements.

Be Diet

The Muffin Group design team took special delight in creating this pre-built website’s approach to highlighting a food-related business’s culinary delights. Be Diet makes impressive use of high-quality images, parallax, and several other special effects.

Be Boutique

If you’ve been unsure about using background video in the hero section of a website, not knowing if the result would be worth the effort, Be Boutique should change your thinking. It’s easy to do, and is a good way to spice up a portfolio, or add emphasis to your message.

Be Stone

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would accept a dull, uninteresting design for a company website. A pre-built website like Be Stone enables a web designer to think outside the box. Besides the dramatic home page, animations are included that will give your website a dynamic, modern look and feel.

Be Guest House

Be Guest house is a nice choice for a real estate agent, a hotel, a condominium, or an individual with a cabin or guest house to rent. With property sales or rentals, as is the case with so many other niches, presentation is everything.

Be Wildlife

Be Wildlife is proof that using fixed layouts in website design are alive and well. This pre-built website also features nice scroll-down parallax and slider effects. It’s a design that any photographer or photographer’s agency could take and run with.

Be Restaurant

This pre-built website conveys a strong message: Pick up the phone and make a reservation. Besides its engaging hero image, Be Restaurant’s slider effect makes it particularly dynamic and appealing. This is a chance to create a website unlike that of any other restaurant.

Be Furniture

Be Furniture is, as the name implies, is an ideal choice for a client in the furniture sales business. There’s an attractive slider effect, but what shines is the way that large, clean images are used to promote the client’s products.

A Sampling of Be Theme’s Many Features

  • Be Theme’s 250+ multi-page pre-built websites are a key factor behind this WP theme’s great popularity.
  • With the Muffin Builder and Options Panel, it’s a simple matter to customize a pre-built website, and do so without having to write a line of code.
  • Be’s Layout Configurator gives you the option of creating a web page from scratch, do so easily, and with plenty of design options. This is a cool feature to have when you’re looking for page-to-page variety.
  • 200+ Shortcuts are ready and waiting to help you add special details and functionality to your web pages. No coding is necessary here either.
  • The Advanced Typography Options allows you to look beyond Google fonts if you wish, and upload your own custom fonts.
  • Parallax Effect and Video Background are two of Be Theme’s most popular special effects.
  • When you buy a Be Theme license, Lifetime Updates, including every newly released pre-built website, are yours for free.

When You Choose Be Theme…

…you have ready access to a friendly, reliable, first-class user support team. There’s also a series of video tutorials to help you along the way. It’s also worth noting that you’ll join a 62,000 community of contented users of what has become a ThemeForest best seller.

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