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Inspiration: 10 Brandnew, Uncommon Business Card Designs

Business cards are far from dead. However, they should definitely have a particular touch, in order to catch people’s attention. The following ten designs from June 2017 provide just that.

01 Business Cards in the Baseball Style of the Sixties

Vintage may be omnipresent, but it still looks fresh and modern in the realization by 17th & Oak.

Created by: 17th & Oak

02 Business Cards in Material Design

These business cards in material design perfectly represent the connection between smartphone and reality.

Created by: Charlotte Miller

03 Business Cards for a Tattoo Studio in Proper Style

The business cards are a part of a complete branding. Find the entire project here.

Created by: Miguel Spinola

04 Vintage Business Cards for a Textile Business

The design idea with the fiber in a retro style leads to looks that are very unusual for the branch.

Created by: Matt Owens

05 Sophisticated Business Cards for a Creative Agency

Edges laminated in pink, with a black stamping – this sophisticated business card impresses on its own.

Created by: Scott Pargett

06 Fresh Business Cards For the Limoncello Studio

Here, someone stays true to themselves. The Limoncello Studio designs their business documents in really fresh colors.

Created by: Limoncello Studio

07 Multi-Purpose Business Cards of a UX Designer

These business cards are sure to get you attention. However, they also work well as a coaster or mini frisbee. Although they may not survive for long this way.

Created by: Nicholas Cat

08 Modern Colors in a Vintage Look

Illustrator Elizabeth Perez convinces you with a unique touch. Moreover, she only needs to colors for the print, keeping the costs low.

Created by: Elizabeth Perez

09 Self-made Real Wood Business Cards

Creative all-rounder Chanelle Henry enjoyed working on wood cutting techniques, and, during that process, she made these very arbitrary business cards.

Created by: Chanelle Henry

10 Individual Business Cards for a Stylist

Caleb Costelle used the very impressive options of the printery Moo, in order to create this card set for a stylist. Each card looks different, all of them are foiled in gold.

Created by: Caleb Costelle