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How to Use RethinkDB with Node.js Applications

One of the most common task for a web application is to save data. Without the ability to store data, users would not be able to customize their preferences for an application, organize their data, or achieve similar tasks.

For a long time, the web has relied on relational database to save information. For example, on the web the liason between PHP and MySQL is well known. But not all the database must be relation!

In this article we’ll focus on using RethinkDB, an open source JSON database, with Node.js applications. We’ll make use of the RethinkDB Node.js driver called rethinkdbdash to connect to the database.

But before starting, let’s have a look at what RethinkDB is and where we might want to use it.

Introducing RethinkDB

RethinkDB is an open source JSON database built for real time Web.

The official documentation states:

RethinkDB is the first open-source, scalable JSON database built from the ground up for the realtime web. It inverts the traditional database architecture by exposing an exciting new access model – instead of polling for changes, the developer can tell RethinkDB to continuously push updated query results to applications in realtime.

It provides the functionality to get real time updates from the database each time a change occurs.

RethinkDB targets applications which require to send real time updates to the connected clients. For example, let’s consider an application that enables users to collaboratively design a plan. When a particular user makes a design change, it needs to be pushed to the other connected clients in real time to keep the design in sync. RethinkDB can be used in such cases to make real time updates possible.

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