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How to Take Full Advantage of Pre-Built Websites

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You are most likely to be self-taught. You have a need and a desire to understand the best ways to create a good website, to keep up with design trends, and to take full advantage of the best tools available.

The “best” tools are those that can save you time, increase your productivity, and enhance the quality of your deliverables.

An excellent way to achieve these three objectives is take advantage of the benefits pre-built websites offer. Be Theme has a selection of more than 210 professionally-designed, pre-built websites.

  • Pre-built websites are simpler, faster, and better than wireframes. Given a preview of a homepage or landing page created from a pre-built website, your client will have a much better understanding of where you are heading.
  • You don’t need to waste time creating UX patterns. They are already incorporated into these pre-built websites. All that is required on your part is to customize and brand the content.
  • No coding is necessary. You don’t have to learn, or re-learn, web dev techniques to create beautiful designs and websites having awesome UX features.
  • Working with pre-built websites is an efficient use of your time. It’s a win-win situation. Your clients are pleased, and you can earn greater income.

Check Out These Beautiful Pre-Built Websites

This sampling of pre-built websites demonstrates the types of homepages and landing pages you can create with very little effort. All that is needed is some customizing on your part – a brief unique value proposition, a different image, or whatever you find of importance.

Be Music

In a word – Exuberance!

This pre-built website is designed for young, urban audiences. Features include a cool environment, a subtle use of parallax, and a card-like design.


Note the clean lines, and the focus on user experience. Definitely a website for a professional user.

Be Smarthome

The design is fresh and engaging. It invites the user to enter. This website features a smart, intuitive UX, and its overall concept is focused on simplicity.

Be Car

The hero image is particularly impressive and fully captures the concept behind the website. The yellow and grey colors are smooth and well used, and particularly so in the buttons, icons, and active links. The design makes an excellent use of white space.

Be Print


This website’s concept underlies the content, and illustrates how to attractively showcase a business’s portfolio and products.

Be App2

An example of how a simple, clear design can draw a user in, and how it focuses on presenting the app. Note the easy-to-browse structure.

Be Medic2

This pre-built website respects all the rules of web design for a health or professional medical care website. More than anything, the hero image and UVP communicates trust, and places extra emphasis on conversion.

Be Minimal

This minimal, trendy, pre-built website places a strong focus on the gallery. The combination of an excellent use of white space and a simple and intuitive design definitely reinforces the user’s experience.

Be Agency 2

This pre-built website tells you the agency takes a modern and fresh approach to what it does. White space is put to good use.

The Muffin Builder Takes the Effort Out of Editing a Pre-Built Website

You’ll enjoy working with Muffin Builder. The latest version, 3.0, features enhanced data transfer speed, easier navigation, and improved overall performance. T

This page builder now has a new, cleaner look for better readability. You’ll like the clear layout, the choice of graphics, and the light colors. Muffin Builder features a section called Wraps that enables the user to create more advanced content than most page builders are capable of.

Two other features, the enhanced search tool and tab navigation, make it easy to locate and put into play the design items you are looking for.

Muffin Builder nicely complements two other powerful Be Theme core features – the Shortcode Generator with its 200+ Shortcodes, and the Muffin Options (Admin) Panel.

Whether you begin with a pre-built website, the approach taken by most Be Theme users, or you choose to start from scratch using the Layout Generator, Muffin Builder will have you producing page after awesome page in no time.

Check out this videoto see just how fun and easy Muffin Builder is to work with, and all the customization possibilities it opens up for you. Starting with a blank canvas, you are immediately asked if you want to add some content, or use a pre-built website. Either way, you are off and running.

The Biggest WP Theme Ever Has a Lot to Offer

Be Theme is big in so many ways, with its more than 210 (and counting) pre-built websites, 40 powerful core features, including design options and design elements galore, and its enthusiastic 30,000+ user base.

  • You can import and install Be’s pre-built websites with a single click, and customize them using the options provided by the Admin Panel. 200+ Shortcodes allow you do build pages easy and quickly. There’s no need for coding.
  • Be is fully responsive and retina ready.
  • Special pre-built websites have been designed for eCommerce websites too. Products can be quickly uploaded, and the WooCommerce plugin can be installed in less than a minute
  • There are special pre-built websites for blogs, portfolios, and one page websites. Be Theme gives you a choice between boxed and wide layouts, single or dual sidebars or no sidebars at all, plus a set of useful widgets.
  • Two slider plugins, Slider Revolution and Layer Slider, accompany the Visual Composer, and WooCommerce plugins.
  • Among Be’s many options are flat, grid, and masonry formats for blogs and portfolios, 16 different Header styles, and a variety of Footer options.
  • Be Theme is optimized for speed, SEO ready, you will receive automatic updates, and the customer support is second to none.

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