How to manage magento web store

After complete installation of magento , we can now proceed with our first web store. It is very easy to manage you magento web store. All we need to configure properly our website with the store details. We are going to elaborate the detail steps of manage webstore using magento.

Steps to manage magento web store

  • Load the magento site:

    First you need to load your magento site by hit your url on browser. like

Load your magento site

  • Log into Magento Admin Area:

    Now you need to navigate to admin area by using link Give you admin username and password here and login into admin area.

Login to admin area

  • System Configuration:

    After login to your admin area you can see different menus on the top of the site menu. you can see the System menu there.  Click on it you will navigate to the url some thing like

Here you can find different options like countries option , state options, local options and store information. You can give your site information along with the store information.

How to manage magento web store

  • Magento catalog:

    on the top menu you can also find out the catalog menu. Here you can mange product, mange categories, mange rewrite rule , search terms and google site management.

manage catalog

  • Magento Promotions:

    on the top menu you can also find out the promotions menu. Here you can mange catalog and shopping cart price rules.

manage promotions

  • Magento Reports:

    You can also find out the reports menu. Here you can mange differents kind of magento reports. here you can view different reports like sale report, order reports, shipping reports etc

Manage reports

  • Magento Base Url:

    you can also set magento base url that allows magento to work with other domains. you can find this option to navigate to system menu from the top. Then select the configurations. the page will load now you need to click on the web url on the left side page menu.You can set Base url for http and also for HTTPS that use for ssl certification.

magento base url

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