How to Install Magento

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Magento is the most famous open source e-commerce web application. Magento  was launched on March 31, 2008 under the name Bento.  Magento have different type of tools that are very useful for building a complete online shop. It offers different kind of built-in capabilities, like detailed statistics,   SEO options and as promo pricing and coupon codes. There are a lot of free Magento themes available online.

Magento  was developed by Varien ( a division of eBay) with help from the programmers within the open source community but is now owned solely by eBay Inc. In this tutorial we will provide complete steps of installation for Magento shopping cart. We will also describe how to create and manage a website using Magento.

There are two ways to install Magento.

  1. The most easier way is to us the Softaculous autoinstaller available in cPanel.  The complete guide for Softaculous autoinstaller for magento is here.
  2.  You can also perform a manual installation using the Magento Installation Wizard. Read along to see how to do that

Manual way for Installation of Magento:

The steps for manual installation of magento are below.

Step 1:   You  need to download the latest stable version of  Magento package that are available  here.

Step 2: Now you need to upload the magento latest package on your server. for this you can use File Manager in c-panel or using  and you can also use an FTP client.


You can download the magento files in different places on your server options are below.

you can download the magento package into www/public_html  which is the main folder  of your website content. Its can help you to access your website directly from your domain.

You can also download megento under the sub folder like your domain name is and you want to install the magento under then you need to download magento under

www/magento or  public_html/magento folder and then you can access you magento site with the url

Once you upload your magento package on your desire folder your need to exract  through cPanel-> File manager. After the complete extraction of magento files you need to give permission 755 to magento files.

Step 3: Create a MYSQL database with the complete user rule throough cPanel-> Mysql Databases. Please save the databases detail you create. That detail will be use during magento installation.

Step 4:we are installing Magento in our public_html diectory. After the complete extraction of magento package and you have created your mysql database for magento.
All you need now to navigate this url. In our example we will redirect to


You need to click on the check box next to “I agree to the above terms and conditions” and then click on the continue button.

Step 5: Now you need to select the timezone and click the continue button.

Step 6: Now you need to give the detail of mysql database username password and database name for magento and click the continue button.


Step 7: At this step you need to give the detail for admin account for magento site.


Step 8:Write down your encryption key; it will be used by Magento to encrypt passwords, credit cards and other confidential information


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