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How to Build an Effective eCommerce Experience with the top WP Themes

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Humans are attracted to beautiful places; and once there, they are often reluctant to leave. If youreCommerce store is a thing of beauty, the customers will come, and they will stay a while. You can make that happen by usingthe right tools to create your store, by taking note of a few useful tips, and by avoiding a few common but costly mistakes.

A Good Shopping Experience is Essential


Following these valuable tips can lead to creating a beautiful eCommerce experience:

Related Products – People visit websites for information, and shoppers are no different. A shopper may be looking for a very specific product, but that same shopper is apt to be interested in related products, such as other makes or model, accessories, or useful companion items. Your customers will usually appreciate being given an extra option, or a suggestion or two. It shows you are thinking about them.

Photos – It’s true that not all products are particularly photogenic, but you still want to portray them in their best light. Insist on high-quality images, show a product from different angles or perspectives, or use hover or zoom features. An image of a bicycle is one thing: an image showing a person having fun riding a bike is something else entirely.

Search – Make sure your store has a site search capability. A search canserve as a tremendous asset for your customers. The presence of a search box also adds a professional touch to your online store. It offers an excellent example of genuine customer support. The more products you feature, the greater the need for a search capability.

Navigation – Whenever a customer of yours gets lost, and there is no one nearby to help, he or she will usually leave. To avoid disgruntled customers and lost sales, make an extra effort to ensure that a clear and logical navigation function is one of the characteristics of your site.

Select a Top-Notch WP Themeto Build Your Site – Incorporating these tips obviously takes some effort, but disregarding any one of them could mean the difference between your online store’s success and its failure. If you have the right tools to work with, such as those found in most premium eCommerce WordPress themes, much of the hard work will be done for you.

Here are several of the best WP themes for building an online store:



Atelier is a premier eCommerce WordPress theme in every sense of the word. It is a relatively new addition to the marketplace, but its popularity has soared ever since its inception. It has everything you are likely to need to create a stunning custom shop. This theme is extremely flexible, it is user friendly, and its support team is there for you 24/7.
Theme Power Elite Authors have produced a product that you will find ideal for creating a slick and satisfying shopping experience, including the tailored mobile experience a majority of your clients and customers will be looking for. The high-quality pre-made layouts are elegant in appearance and they provide excellent examples of what you would want in your online store that willdraw in and retain customers.

This eCommerce theme, which has rapidly become one of the most popular WordPress themes in this category,features multiple cart styles, product page types, and product display types, plus a multiplicity of icons, fonts, and other essential design elements.



Feedback from thousands of ThemeForest customers has been incorporated into Shopkeeper’s design, giving this premium eCommerce theme a definite real-world look. All of the features and capabilities you would need to create a first-class online store are there, together with features designed to help you manage your store once it goes online. WooCommerce is the driving force behind this WordPress theme, so you can build a site that allows you to sell virtually anything online, manage your store inventory, and collect payments. Everything you need to keep your business running smoothly is there.

Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, WPML readiness, Google Webfonts, and unlimited header styles are just a few of the highlights. Shopkeeper also offers a nice choice of pre-built layouts, an impressive array of portfolio styles and functions, and much, much more.

Enfold WordPress Theme


One of the bestways to familiarize yourself with Enfold is to visit the website and view the Default Demo. It will take you ona whirlwind trip that shows what this eCommerce theme has to offer. Enfold is ThemeForest’s best rated top seller, and its ease of use is one reason why. Its drag and drop layout editor is one of the easiest to use of any WordPress theme.
This theme is suitable for any skill level.There is no rocket science involved.If you are a novice, you can start with the predefined content and build an eCommerce website that is fully capable of attracting shoppers in a minimal amount of time.

If you are a more advanced designer, this theme has something for you as well. It is a time saver. Ask the 56,000 happy users about this theme’s performance, and you will get 56,000 thumbs up.



You will like FlyShop. This is a modern, extremely user friendly, highly customizable WordPress theme that was designed with your WooCommerce fashion store in mind. It is compatible with WooCommerce and Bootstrap, it is SEO, Widget, Retina, and Responsive ready, and its layouts provide an excellent set of customizable baselines for your store pages. FlyShop is a relatively new theme, but it has all the features and support you need.

Kallyas Theme V 4.0


While most premium WordPress themes feature a multiplicity of features, the most notable characteristic of Kallyas is its completeness. This eCommerce theme is advertised as being the most complete and iconic theme ever made for WordPress, and as you go down its list of features, you will begin to see why that is true.The collection of sliders is larger and more diverse than you are likely to find in any other WordPress theme. There is a nice collection of home page styles, and an excellent selection of custom, online shopping-related pages.Complete and flexible – that’s Kallyas in a nutshell.

Website Features You Should Not Overlook

Your product displays are well designed, and your website is easy to navigate, butbefore you open for business, there are a few things that should never be neglected.


Easy Checkout

When a customer has to work through a cumbersome online checkout process, it canquickly turn apleasant shopping experience into a sour one. Make the checkout process as streamlined and user friendly as you can.One abandoned cart is one too many.

Fast Load Time

If your website pages are slowto load, don’t be surprised ifat least a thirdof your shoppers leave a partially-filled shopping cart behind. Your search engine rankings can suffer as well. Test load times with Page Speedbefore going online.

Mobile Optimized

Roughly 50% of all online shoppers do their shopping from a mobile device, and that percentage is increasing. If your website is not mobile optimized, you risk losing a significant portion of your potential customer base, and is why you should select and use a multipurpose, responsive theme.

FAQ Pages

Other websites’ FAQ pages can give useful ideas for creating your own FAQ page. Shoppers appreciate this type of customer support, plus you will avoid having to respond to the same questions over and over.

Customer Reviews

Shoppers often want to know what other shoppers think of an item before deciding to buy. If a shopper has to go off-site to find a review, he or she may not return, especially if the site providing customer reviews offers the same product. Giving your customers the opportunity to leave their comments, and inviting them to do so, adds a personal touch to your site.

All of the tips offered here are important, but incorporating them into your design efforts canobviously take some work. Any of the eCommerce themes recommended here will do nearly all of the hard work and attention to detail for you. If you select one of these WordPress themes, we would welcome your sharing your experiences with us.

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