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How to be an Efficient and Happy Freelancer

Being a freelancer is a great thing and good fun. It’s full of pitfalls though that can cost a lot of time – time that could be invested better. It’s up to you whether you want to get more things done with the same effort or just enjoy the free time. Our practical tips will help you to optimize your freelancing experience. Enjoying life as a freelancer requires only some minor changes, which, however, can be crucial for your new efficiency. Before We Start: Defining Efficiency What does efficiency mean in this context? I would describe it as the absence of disturbing factors. Each time you are interrupted in your work, you have to read up on the topic again, which costs unnecessary time. Therefore, I would recommend eliminating all disturbing factors while working if possible. Mute your telephone and cell phone, shut the door, tell your family you’re busy (if you work from home), etc. Only if all disturbing factors are eliminated, other tips can come into effect. Set Up Your Workspace Most freelancers work in their four walls. This is a great thing, but if you use your entire home as an office, it will be hard to draw […]