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How Do You Start a New Web Design Project?

I come bearing good news! For those of you who didn’t hear yet (where’ve you been?) SitePoint recently launched a new podcast: The Versioning Show. It’s headed by regular SitePoint contributors M. David Green and Tim Evko, who every week sit down to discuss the industry of the web, from development to design, with some of the people making it happen today.

Personally, I’m loving the show. I was an avid listener of the previous SitePoint podcast (anyone remember that?) and I think that podcasts in general are an excellent way of keeping up with an increasingly fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Tim and David have already spoken to a number of distinguished guests, one of whom was Chris Coyier. They asked Chris (who has also written for the JavaScript channel) what types of technologies he would use if he had to build a new website tomorrow. I found his answer interesting (in so far as it gave me food for thought) and that’s what I’d like to look at today.

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