Getting Started With Vue.js

21st July, 2016: Article has been updated to cover Vue.js 1.0.x, and a section on components added.

Vue.js is a JavaScript library that helps you build web applications using the the MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel) architectural pattern. At first glance, it might seem quite similar to AngularJS, but once you start working with it you’ll quickly realize that Vue.js is not only much simpler and easier to learn, but also more flexible.

In this introductory tutorial, I’ll teach you the basic concepts of Vue.js, and give a complete overview of its most important features.

Vue.js 1.0.x has a few syntax changes that are not compatible with Vue.js 0.12.x. If you have experience using those early versions, you might have already noticed some of the changes in this tutorial. You can get an overview of all the changes here: What’s New in Vue.js 1.0

Adding Vue.js to Your Page

Though you can get the latest release of Vue.js from GitHub, you might find it easier to load it from a CDN:

<script src="">

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